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Freeing children
from anxiety
and depression.


Provide coping strategies through storytelling. Anxiety and Depression from internal and external sources are inevitable for our children. Our goal is not to avoid these stressors, but rather to experience them, but never be limited by them. If we can teach our kids to make symptoms a strength then those symptoms can never be a weakness.


Meet Ricky

Ricky is a child who has to confront mounting anxiety through situations encountered by children as they grow. What becomes evident is that fear, and periods of depression are natural. With a guiding hand from those in his life and his own experience Rick shows how he overcomes.


The Story Collection

Imagine your life if you were never limited by anxiety or depression, this could be a potential reality for our children. By purchasing the books on the site, the proceeds will go to funding additional books.

Greg and the illustrator have done a great job of outlining realistic strategies to help kids with anxiety. The book tackles a tough topic in a fun, thoughtful, accessible way.

Anne Nagle, Providence College

We live in a world that is rapidly changing on a daily basis. How do children and the adults in their lives adapt in an evolving society to help in a child's development. Ricky's Big Week; breaks it down for everyone involved in a child's early years. The author uses Seuss style rhyming to guide the reader through Ricky's days. Once reading this a child will feel like they are not alone in the fight against anxiety and the same goes for the adults in their lives.

Books that are equally as fun as they are helpful. These books help children understand their emotions while also learning how to cope with them.

Dave Lizotte, Psychotherapist

Michael Porier, Author

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